Temis Luxury. Passion, but also and above all method

Each profession has its own codes and ways of doing things. Ours is based on four equal and substantial principlesthe safety of our clients and staff, the comprehensive integrity of the goods entrusted to us, sacred discretion from beginning to end and respect for delivery times.
To successfully transport valuables in a dangerous and antagonistic environment it has to be based on the most up-to-date logistics systems. These dual requirements sum up the spirit of Temis Luxury – we never deviate from our founding principles, constantly improve our experience and operate with the most advanced technologies.
The recent integration of the Geneva-based forwarder VERON GRAUER into our group is part of our growth objectives. VERON GRAUER is one of the leading companies for the transport of valuables in the French-speaking world. Thanks to this acquisition, we have now established a leading position for the transport of valuables to and from Switzerland.

The luxury industrys gratifying resilience
In 2020 lockdowns and social distancing rules led to a collapse of European tourism and a decline in retail sales. But the passion for the exceptional remained strongonline sales of timepieces, jewellery, fine jewellery and leather goods took off in a remarkable way in an industry in which, until then, a visit to the shop had seemed to be the absolute standard buying behaviour. For two years, customers and sales staff have been successfully learning how to exchange information at a distance. Cause and effect Objects sold by video from European shops in London, Paris or Lucerne were then flown to the four corners of the world. TEMIS LUXURY, which has served major brands since its inception, adapted quickly to growing goods flows and demanding delivery deadlines.
And last but not least, our efforts continue to focus on top-quality responses to our customers needs. For us, there is no trade-off between safety and service. Route tracking, real-time remote monitoring of all operations, and close human and digital protection of valuables now rule out logistical errors and discourage criminal activities.

Reconciling business, the environment and communication
The extraordinary growth of e-commerce raises questions concerning the impact of home deliveries on the environment. Although the luxury market only represents a marginal part of the e-commerce market, we are doing our best to limit our carbon footprint, firstly through organisational intelligence, and secondly also through the gradual transformation of our vehicle fleet to units with hybrid engines.
The paradox is that transporting valuables is no routine activity. We want to share the latest news about TEMIS LUXURY and our industry with you. We are therefore pleased to launch this new newsroom, which I hope will captivate you and see you join our loyal group of subscribers.
Enjoy your read!

Alain Bréau
Chairman of Superga Invest


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