President’s interview

More than 80 years after its creation and 15 years after its acquisition, what are today the development stakes of TEMIS Luxury?
There are two main axes on which we will base the development of this entity. First, the development will go through the international. Today we already operate in Asia, especially China from Hong Kong and Macao. The main service we operate is secure logistics. The number of values ??that must travel for different reasons is growing. In 2019, we will deploy to England from London, then the USA and Italy. This last destination will be served by the weekly line which includes France, Germany and Switzerland. The second axis of development will be based on a new phenomenon that we will accompany. Indeed, the world of luxury is expanding from jewelry and jewelry to leather goods, luxury fashion, high-end accessories … All these objects that are also luxury now and have high intrinsic value require secure logistics. We also accompany several big names in this sector, in the first place Hermes.

Have you felt an impact of e-commerce? And if so how do you face it?
We are not really impacted by the internet. Buying stocks online is not yet – or will it ever be? – a reflex of luxury buyers. They consult and learn on the net. This is particularly true in regions of the world where there are no or few luxury brands such as China or Texas, unlike France or Europe in general. However, there is a trend for entry-level or mid-range objects that can be sold online by pure-play companies. And for these companies or for the historic brands, all need secure storage areas and adapted logistics. What we propose!

You have also created a high-end delivery service for end customers
Yes, our customers have demanding customers! To ensure the logistics of values ??towards individuals, we have set up a fleet of adapted vehicles and drivers in suits. These gentleman drivers follow specific training that extends to the attitude to have with customers. In Paris and Hong Kong, we accompany customers of our customers in their purchases and we deliver them. We also have very special requests! A wedding request to the Ritz at a specific time with jewels of very high value. It was not necessary to arrive late. But guaranteed effect on the happy bride thanks to our service!

So you are going towards a customization of your services, big current trend?
That’s right. All of our services are moving towards customization that is increasingly adapted and specialized for each of our clients. This is true with the Gentleman Driver service, but more generally with TEMIS Luxury. Indeed, in the world of luxury hyper, requests are often unique and must be made in a very short time. When it comes to unique pieces of gems that must be in Hong Kong the next day while stored in Paris, it is obvious that we are implementing significant and ultra-customized means to achieve this kind of performance.

How do you ensure the safety of people and values?
I do not like giving details you will understand it! What I can say is that we have secure vehicles that we do not see, that our staff is as seasoned and trained to understand risky situations and to identify suspicious people. This avoids many problems!

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